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Fashion event Kimono dress Media

Feather art fashion show in China

It is a feather art fashion show that took place on 2013/10/28!


This dress is a remake of white silk dress of the kimono!

kimono dress white


Model is Chinese.

kimono dress white
It is a work published the image of a feather.

feather art fashion show kimono dress


Costume with other countries.

feather art fashion show


Commemorative photo with members of the participants.

feather art fashion show group photo


Fashion Asia

Dahlianty – Kimono Dress


Fashion event Kimono dress Media

Held a fashion show in China was elected as a finalist as a representative of Japan Fashion Asia

Was elected finalists (Top 5) as the representative of Japan Fashion Asia.
Dahlianty will appear on fashion show of 30 days in China!


fashion asia in china

Wearing number is only 5 wear, but is likely to be exposed in a big way in China and other media.

We would like to have my best because it is debut Dahlianty was started as overseas brands! !


There are overseas in 11/1 from 10/27 I.
This period will be store holiday.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but Thank you for your understanding.


Fashion Asia
Dahlianty – Kimono Dress

Media Movie

【Movie】Dahlianty Kimono Dress in Sapporo pretty picture book net

I was allowed to provide the Japanese kimono dress costume Dahlianty in Sapporo pretty picture book net that was aired on December. 16, 2012.



Sapporo pretty picture book net Girls

Kimono Dress Sapporo pretty picture book net_2


Beautiful model – Kimono Dress

Kiimono_Dress_Sapporo pretty picture book net


Gorgeous Dinner

Kiimono_Dress_Sapporo pretty picture book net_3




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