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Dahlianty Japan Kimono dress

Kimono dress in your introduction luxury cruising

We introduce because I received a photo from a customer who orders a kimono dress.
With that said there is a dress code to cruising when traveling, you have made ​​a kimono dress from kimono you have!
Is a good cruising et al about a week.
 Is not it good for the sea …!
It is so beautiful sunset from the ship!
I have tailored many times I go to visit Dahlia dahlia] to [from the countryside!
It is very well matched! !
I put a ribbon casually behind!
The length is long setting up last minute because it was the hope and a sense of luxury
I was very happy!
Thank you and more!
When I please with the customer I am happy No. 1! !


Yusuke Shimozawa is introduction

Yusuke Shimozawa established a Dahlianty at the age of 25.
I’m working as a designer of the kimono dress and am doing design, sewing, paper pattern creation, etc.
I’m introduced by many media, such as television, radio, and a magazine.

Yusuke Shimozawa

It has the host and planning of various events in the personal life.
This blog will introduce a delicious food in Japan and a great place etc.




Address : Yamanote1jo4choume1-2 Spporo Nishiku, Hokkaido,Japan
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Dahlianty Kimono dress

About Dahlianty [Kimono Dress]

About Dahlianty

Dahlianty is a specialty shop for the Kimono dress (Japanese dress).
Our store is in Japan. We have revolves around kimono dress sales and custom-made.
Our shop has been handling the Tomesode dress was tailored kimono Tomesode and dress ,two-piece.
Custom-made is very expensive Image.By minimizing the expenses such as stores, in our shop to achieve reasonable prices.
We wholeheartedly make high quality the full custom-made utilizing the technology of Japan and reasonable the pattern custom-made.

 Kiimono Dress 2

kimono Dress 1

kimono dress

A Kimono dress and refers to what was tailored dress from Japanese kimono fabric.
Using a traditional a Japanese kimono, One in the world, We made a dress only for you.
A kimono dress gorgeously directing personality of women.

Where wear kimono dress

*Movie Costume
*Club House

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Kimono Dress Dahlianty Blog first post

Dahlianty concept: Kimono innovation.Dress traditionally.

This blog is a blog of Yusuke Shimozawa is the owner and designer and information of kimono dress shop Dahlianty in Japan!
We will deliver the contents of the following.
information of kimono dress.
Private Yusuke Shimozawa.
Fashion of Japan.
That of Japan.

kimono dress dahlianty flyer

Address : Yamanote1jo4choume1-2 Spporo Nishiku, Hokkaido,Japan
Email :

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